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The House of the Orange Monkey sometimes gets emails from monkey lovers who want to know where they can get a beanie monkey like Mr Monkey of their own. Mr Monkey can't help with that, but he can now provide a lifesize picture of himself to cut out and keep.

Mr Monkey watching the faux monkey being printed 1
Right click on the link below and select Save Target to save the faux monkey to your computer, or follow the link and print the page out.

Print out the picture. The printed out image should measure 126mm across between the black corner markers.

Faux monkey graphic.

Mr Monkey gluing the printed monkey onto card 2
Glue the picture onto cardboard.

Make sure you choose card that isn't too thick to cut easily.

Mr Monkey cutting out the faux monkey 3
Wait until the glue is dry, and the printed monkey is properly attached to the card.

Find the person in the house who is best with scissors, and persuade them to carefully cut away all the bits of card that don't resemble a monkey.

Mr Monkey looking at the cut out monkey 4
Admire your new faux monkey, and start planning what you're going to do with it.

A faux monkey peeping out from between the pages of a book 5
Your faux monkey can help around the house, doing simple tasks such as marking your place in a book, or adding some simian decoration to a desktop or cork board (careful where you put the pins). The faux monkey can become a stylish fridge magnet, if you've got a magnet to glue onto its back.

A faux monkey posing at a window 6
Another mildly amusing thing to do is to position the faux monkey in front of something interesting - a noted local landmark, perhaps, or your back garden - take a picture of it, and send the picture(s) to

Faux monkeys around the world

 Mooch - Taking Mr Monkey to the Pub
Mr Monkey's online friend, Mooch, made himself a faux monkey and took him out to a pub which has a Prime Meridian running through its garden.

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