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Mr Monkey's Memory Game

One morning, Mr Monkey thought that his hats deserved to be the focus of a game of some sort. So he posed for a set of pictures, and badgered Mr Rik into turning them into cards for the classic Pelmanism memory game.

Mr Monkey with the four sheets of parts for the memory game 1
Right click on the links below and select Save Target to save the game components to your computer, or follow the links and print the pages out.

Print out the sheets with images of Mr Monkey on light card (if possible. Make sure your printer can handle the card). Print the rules sheet out on ordinary paper.

Sheet 1, cards -  Sheet 2, cards -  Sheet 3, cards -  Sheet 4, box parts -  Sheet 5, game rules and parts list.

Mr Monkey rolling red sticky-back plastic onto the back of a sheet of cards 2
If you didn't print the images on card, glue the sheets of images onto thin card. Or thick card if you're expecting to use them a lot.

Images printed onto thin card can be strengthened by backing them with sticky plastic, or by fronting them with transparent sticky plastic.

Cut the Jester card out from Sheet 4 and treat it in the same way as the other image sheets.

Mr Monkey cutting out a sheet of cards with a craft knife 3
Cut out the cards, keeping to the lines as much as possible. This is easier if you use a craft knife and a ruler rather than scissors.

When you've finished you will have 37 cards - 2 each of 18 hats, plus one Jester.

Cut out the rules from Sheet 5.

Mr Monkey measuring the height of his stack of cards 4
Cut out the two pieces from Sheet 4 to make a box to keep the cards in.

Pile all 37 cards, plus the rules folded up on top, into a stack and measure its height. This will depend on what you printed the cards onto, and whether you added any sticky back plastic coverings.

Add a few millimetres to the height measured, so that the fit isn't too tight.

Mr Monkey folding flaps to make the card box 5
Bend the flaps on the main part of the box where they join the central square, and at the distance calculated in step 4 from the central square.

Fold the bottom flap up, then fold the left and right flaps over it to form a box. It's probably a good idea to check that the cards and rules will fit inside

Glue all three flaps together, then glue the title panel over them.

Make two folds in the projecting flap, then trim it a little so that the whole thing resembles a box.

The diagram below might help. Or it might not.
A diagram showing the construction of the box for the memory cards

Mr Monkey playing his memory game 6
Put your memory cards and folded up rules into the box.

Carry your Mr Monkey Memory Game around until you find someone expressing a desire to play a simian headgear related memory game.

Reveal your memory game and start to play. Make sure you've decided which version of the rules you want to use before you actually start playing.

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