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Mr Monkey sees Ghosts of Winter Hill at Urbis, 3rd November

"I hope he was joking when he said they were still putting the exhibition together"

Mr Monkey across the street from Dough Mr Monkey listening to Phil Griffin

Before he went to see the exhibition, Mr Monkey's humans insisted on eating rather excellent pizzas at Dough (just across the street from the Chinese Arts Centre). This meant that when he scurried through the rain to Urbis, Mr Monkey missed seeing Tess Daly pushing a comedically giant switch to pretend she'd switched Winter Hill BBC2 transmissions from analogue to digital. Instead, Mr Monkey went into Urbis and listened to Phil Griffin explaining the exhibition before anyone was allowed to see it.

You can read about the digital switchover at the Digital UK website and see pictures of the 'switchover' at the Rex Features website.

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