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Mr Monkey sees Spun at the MCDC, 17th February

Mr Monkey scampered along to see SPUN: Lighting by Jenny Bland, the latest exhibition at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre a few days after it opened.

Mr Monkey looking at tall table lamps by Jenny Bland
Mr Monkey looking at a vase and a table lamp by Jenny Bland
Mr Monkey looking at lampshades by Jenny Bland
Mr Monkey looking at spun bowls by Jenny Bland SPUN is an exhibition of work by Jenny Bland, winner of the MCDC's fourth Graduate Exhibition Award. Mr Monkey quickly noticed that all the pieces were made from networks of threads. The threads are covered in resin during the construction process so the work is stronger than it looks.

First Mr Monkey admired some tall table lamps. Some of them were interestingly coloured and striped, and some were plain. Mr Monkey was interested to see that some were made with a very closely wound thread, and some had a more open weave.

Next Mr Monkey inspected some bowls. These were made with an open weave, almost like a spider's web. Mr Monkey was intrigued by the pointy brims of the bowls, and couldn't see quite what was holding them up.

Mr Monkey admired the softer colours of a group of short table lamps and tall vases. Mr Monkey is fairly sure there was glass under the thread of the vase.

Mr Monkey looking at hanging decorations by Jenny Bland Mr Monkey rather regretted he hadn't had one or two of Jenny Bland's baubles to hang on his Christmas tree. He thought the black baubles, where the contrasting metallic thread showed up at a distance, were more effective than the white ones.

Looking up Mr Monkey spotted two groups of lampshades. Most of them had an open structure and didn't really shade the lightbulb that much. They were all very attractive, though.

The exhibition also includes some napkin rings and and some delicate shades for Christmas fairy lights.

Mr Monkey was fascinated to find that Jenny Bland had invented a machine to coat the plain thread in resin, and to wind the thread into shape, and he imagined it's a bit like the machines that wound thread onto bobbins in old cotton mills. He decided he'd rather like to see it at work some time.

Spun runs until 19th June 2010.
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