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Mr Monkey sees Meiling Tse at the CAC

Venue : Chinese Arts Centre
Start date: 12 January 2013
End date : 11 May 2013
Visit date : 14th February 2013
Mr Monkey looking at Meiling Tse's installation from part way down the stairs
After he'd seen the exhibition by Ma Qiusha at the Chinese Arts Centre, Mr Monkey trotted to the other side of the reception desk to see the First Step Showcase installation by Meiling Tse.

Mr Monkey looking at the installation by Meiling Tse from the top of the stairs
Meiling Tse graduated in Sculpture from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2012. Her work explores perspective and perception, and this is her first solo work.

Her installation consists of a complicated network of strings forming a sort of bridge between the walls, the stairs and the window above the stairwell. Mr Monkey thought it looked like a combination between an architectural plan and a wire frame animation. He was particularly impressed by the way it changed as he descended the stairs, moving under the network.

Mr Monkey also found a folder of drawings on display half way down the stairs. These were very interesting as they showed how Meiling Tse developed her work.

Mr Monkey restrained himself and at no time twanged any of the strings to see what the installation sounded like.

This First Step Showcase runs until May 11th 2013.

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