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Mr Monkey sees Kevin J Pocock at the Castlefield Gallery

Venue : Castlefield Gallery
Start date: 19th April 2013
End date : 28th April 2013
Visit date : 19th April, 2013
Mr Monkey looking at The Tallest Tower by Kevin J Pocock
Mr Monkey looking at Mickey Mouse World by Kevin J Pocock
Leaving Deansgate station, Mr Monkey noticed that there was a new exhibition on at the Castlefield Gallery so he scurried in to see the work of Kevin J Pocock in one of the gallery's short Launch Pad exhibitions.

Mr Monkey looking at City Square by Kevin J Pocock
Mr Monkey looking at Chicago by Kevin J Pocock
Now based in Manchester, Kevin J Pocock trained as an architect at Cambridge. His works, inspired by architecture, dreams and memories, start as rough sketches which are expanded by research, technical drawing and CAD. His video work explores travel and time.

This is his first solo exhibition.

Mr Monkey watched the single video in the exhibition, These Final Moments, which is a strangely hypnotic view of a rail journey from Bergen to Oslo. The rest of the exhibition is a mixture of large acrylics on canvas and smaller coloured pencil pieces.

Mr Monkey scampered around the gallery, admiring the mix of paintings. He could see a definite architectural inspiration in many of the pieces; most of them are about being in or above urban landscapes.

One piece that Mr Monkey liked (but couldn't photograph properly) was Bird Squadron, though he prefered it when a misreading of the gallery plan made him think it was called A Simple Dream about Japan (which just goes to show how careful one should be with titles).

Mr Monkey was particularly taken by the small pencil drawing Mickey Mouse World but unfortunately he couldn't be restrained from standing in front of it in an obvious manner.

Mr Monkey thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition, and looks forward to seeing more work by Mr Pocock.

Kevin J Pocock runs until April 28th 2013.

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