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Mr Monkey sees Lanwei at the CAC, 15th April

"It's like a row of tiny diving boards"

Mr Monkey looking at Touch it, feel it, hold it, share it, forget it Mr Monkey looking at Rock by Wang Jun

The Breathe residency is currently held by Wang Jun from 501 Artspace in Chongqing, who has developed a project called Rock, Paper, Scissors. He made two pieces, Touch it, feel it, hold it, share it, forget it and Rock from old flyers for cultural events, and invited a whole swathe of Manchester-based artists* to contribute pieces as well. Mr Monkey carefully studied the skirting board to see Touch it... and made Mr Rik climb a ladder to see Rock properly. When he'd seen everything he trotted out into the night and went home.

You can read about the Breathe residency at the Chinese Arts Centre website.

* Gweni, Philip Davenport, Nicola Smith, Daniel Hancock, Naomi Lettbridge, Lee Machell, Toby Tehry, Anthony Clarkson, and Sean Caherty.

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