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Mr Monkey sees Re-calibrate at the CAC

Venue : Chinese Arts Centre
Start date: 30th August 2013
End date : 12th October 2013
Visit date : 1st October 2013
Mr Monkey looking at Crystal City 004 by Wu Chi-Tsung
Mr Monkey looking at the shadow buildings of Crystal City 004 by Wu Chi-Tsung
Mr Monkey scampered along to the Chinese Arts Centre to see Re-calibrate, the first UK solo exhibition by Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung.

Mr Monkey looking at one of Wu Chi-Tsung's Wrinkled textures cyanotypes Wu Chi-Tsung is fascinated by how images are created, and how they are viewed. This exhibition features pieces from two of his key works.

The first section is a collection of cyanotypes from the Wrinkled textures series.

These pictures - made by treating paper or fabric with a mix of chemicals and exposing it to ultra violet light - look to Mr Monkey remarkably like traditional Chinese landscape paintings, only in shades of blue.

The second element of the exhibition, Crystal City 004, creates a totally different Chinese landscape, the changable urban landscape of the expanding Chinese city.

Unlike most cities, Crystal City is made of plastic boxes and tubes, artfully stacked to form a transparent cityscape.

To get the full effect, Mr Monkey ventured into the city while the floor-mounted spotlight started moving around its circular track (he's not sure if this is on a timer or is motion activated). The light cast remarkably effective shadows on the walls, painting convincing but changable skyscrapers on the wall.

Mr Monkey felt a little like Godzilla and made sure that Mr Rik was very careful while walking around the city. He did wonder how much time the CAC staff spent rebuilding the Crystal City when all the visitors have gone home.

Re-calibrate runs until 12th October 2013.

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