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Mr Monkey sees The Adventure at the Royal Exchange Studio

Venue : Royal Exchange Studio
Start date: 10 December 2013
End date : 21 December 2013
Visit date : 17 December, 2013
Mr Monkey trotted along to the Royal Exchange Studio to see The Adventure.

Mr Monkey in the midst of The Adventure
The Adventure is a promenade piece, starting in the main hall, then moving into the Studio area.

A story-teller starts to tell the tale of Noah's Ark in rhyme (illustrated with inept balloon animals) when he is interrupted by three teenagers. They've seen their father kidnapped and have found a clue indicating that he's being held somewhere in the Royal Exchange. Would the story-teller's audience like to help them find the missing man?

What follows is a hectic series of attempts to find codes to open doors, using items found in the Studio. It's up to the children to find hidden messages scratched on walls, decode secret messages, and generally run around making a noise in the dark (there are fewer torches to be found than people to find them). It's all a bit like being in a real-life Hidden Object Game, and is a rather exhilarating way of spending an hour.

While adults are allowed in, when Mr Monkey went they were mainly there as observers. This might have been different if there had been more family groups instead of a school party. However, everybody, children and adults, seemed to be enjoying themselves. The time went by very quickly and Mr Monkey was surprised when the end came and it was all over.

Mr Monkey thoroughly enjoyed The Adventure, even though none of the children heeded his advice and he had to give a sparkly hat back at the end.
The Adventure runs until 21st December 2013.

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