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Mr Monkey sees Liberation and its relative meaning at the CAC, 24th June

Mr Monkey scampered into town, intent on seeing Liberation and its relative meaning at the Chinese Arts Centre. He was expecting to see the work of four artists - Liu Ding, Lin Yilin, Yan Xing and Brendan Fan - and hoped there'd be something new to see in the First Step and Breathe residency areas.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's visit to the Chinese Arts Centre.

First Step : Tasha Whittle Introduction and Brendan Fan Liu Ding : Gravestone for Rumour Monger Liu Ding : more of Gravestone for Rumour Monger Yan Xing : They Are Not Here Lin Yilin : Big Family: Brothers Not Comrades Breathe residency : Eastman Cheng

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