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Mr Monkey sees Borderlines at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 13th September

Mr Monkey looking at Dr. F - Flight by Jim Blackshaw Mr Monkey looking at Poe - Pit and Poe - Masque by Jim Blackshaw Before he went to see Dr Faustus Mr Monkey visited the Mezzanine Gallery of the Royal Exchange to inspect the latest exhibition. Borderlines is a collection of images created by Jim Blackshaw to go with Dr Faustus. They all seem to be digital collages, and are all about migration and the 'otherness' it creates.

Mr Monkey enjoyed the rather complicated images, though he wasn't totally convinced of the connection between Doctor Faustus and migration. He found some of the images (particularly the Camp and Kinder series) quite chilling, while others, with more literary inspirations (a selection of Poe stories, for instance) were less emotionally charged.

Borderlines runs until October 13th 2010.

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