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Mr Monkey sees David Gledhill & Corin Sworn at the Castlefield Gallery, 10th November

Mr Monkey scampered past Deansgate station to visit the Castlefield Gallery, intent on seeing Two Person Show : David Gledhill and Corin Sworn, their latest exhibition. Both artists are exhibiting work based largely on found photos by other people.

Mr Monkey with Living Room with view into the Dining Room by David Gledhill Mr Monkey with Father at Work (My Workplace from 1945-1952) by David Gledhill David Gledhill's section of the exhibition features 9 nine of the 26 paintings in his Dr Munscheid series. These are based on photographs from an album found in a flea market in Frankfurt. The photographs were taken between 1952 and 1962 and feature the house, family and colleagues of Dr Munscheid who lived in Teutschenthal in what used to be East Germany.

Mr Monkey found the paintings fascinating and thought they looked almost like pencil drawings even though they're oil on canvas. He prefered the ones without people in, because he wasn't sure he'd trust a doctor who wrote reports while still wearing his stethoscope.
Mr Monkey looking at Crossed Beams by Corin Sworn Mr Monkey looking at Endless Renovation by Corin Sworn Corin Sworn's section is more varied. There's a small picture in pencil, a curtain-like construction of cotton and polyester voile called Crossed Beams and Temporal Arrangement, an installation of flowers and light, but the main piece is Endless Renovation. This is a pair of slide projectors which display a set of slides salvaged from a skip, accompanied by 13 minutes of commentary by Corin Sworn.

Mr Monkey thought Endless Renovation was a rather strange piece, largely because the collection of slides it's based on is eclectic to the point of incoherence and Sworn's commentary is sometimes hard to concentrate on. It's an interesting project, though.

Two Person Show: David Gledhill and Corin Sworn runs until December 19th.

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