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Mr Monkey sees Dance Photography at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 18th October

Before seeing The Bacchae Mr Monkey visited the Mezzanine Gallery of the Royal Exchange to inspect the latest exhibition, Stephen Berkeley-White Dance Photography.
Mr Monkey looking at Probe Dance Company (Mark Bruce Company) Mr Monkey looking at Rollercoaster Phil Stephen Berkeley-White was a dancer for 12 years before he took up photography. While his photography includes work in fashion and music, much of it features dance and dancers.

This exhibition includes many images created in collaboration with Mark Bruce, who has choreographed The Bacchae. The images don't all show dancing as such, but they all feature dancers.

Mr Monkey inspected the photographs, and agreed that many of them aren't conventional dance images. Some use devious techniques to merge multiple images to make dancers look rather odd and slightly unsettling, but the majority are imaginatively staged, posed and photographed studies.

Dance Photography runs until December 4th 2010.

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