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Mr Monkey sees A Beautiful Moment at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 28th February

Mr Monkey looking at Express yourself by Susan Aggarwal Mr Monkey looking at Autumn scent by Susan Aggarwal After he'd seen Private Lives Mr Monkey scampered upstairs to the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see A Beautiful Moment.

This is a collection of abstract paintings by Susan Aggarwal, an artist based in Chadderton. The paintings are Susan's responses to her experiences of life, the natural world and beauty in general.

Mr Monkey thought the pictures were bright and striking, with an interesting variation in the thickness of the paint used. Mr Monkey claimed that some of the pictures were a little too abstract for his simian tastes, and some - the flower titles mostly - weren't quite abstract enough. Mr Monkey doesn't always prize consistency.

A Beautiful Moment runs until April 9th 2011.

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