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Mr Monkey sees Being Dotty at the Royal Exchange Mezzanine Gallery, 23rd May

Mr Monkey looking at Marine Stripes (2) by Laura Thompson Mr Monkey looking at Chocolate Dream Square by Laura Thompson As soon as he arrived at the Royal Exchange to see A View From The Bridge Mr Monkey scampered upstairs to the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see Being Dotty, a exhibition of colourful paintings by Laura Thompson.

Mr Monkey trotted through the gallery examining the pictures, which are a mixture of still lifes, nudes, flowers, and bits of foreign travel, all produced by layering and building with household paints. Mr Monkey suspects that elements of the some of the painting's names came from paint catalogues.

Mr Monkey's favourite paintings were the Parisian and Venetian semi-abstracts, though he thought the bottles and flowers were fun too.

Laura Thompson is studying fine arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, and is probably the same Laura Thompson that thought up Mr Monkey's favourite part of Forecast For Sunny Skies, the previous exhibition on the Mezzanine.
Mr Monkey looking at Tinsel Town Chrysanthanem by Laura Thompson Being Dotty runs until June 25th 2011.

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