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Mr Monkey sees Northerners at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 12th September

Mr Monkey looking at a photo by Sefton Samuels of a pair of small children Mr Monkey looking at a photo by Sefton Samuels of a Salford back street in 1962 Before seeing Edward II, Mr Monkey scampered up into the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see Northerners.

Sefton Samuels was born in Manchester in 1931. As well as working in the textile industry and being a jazz drummer, he has spent 40 years as a professional photographer, supplying images to the BBC, Granada and the national newspapers.

Northerners is a selection of his work taken from his new book, Northerners (Ebury Press, ISBN 9780091938932). It includes scenes of old terraces and and their 'modern' replacements, children playing in streets, and portraits of famous Northerners such as Morrissey, Lowry and Winston Churchill

Mr Monkey enjoyed the pictures and thought there was just the right amount of grim-up-northiness, though he was a little peeved that there were no labels to tell him when the photos had been taken.

Northerners runs until October 8th 2011.

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