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Mr Monkey sees I ♥ MCR Metal City at the Manchester Photographic, 16th September

Mr Monkey took his humans into the Northern Quarter to see I ♥ MCR Metal City, the latest exhibition at the Manchester Photographic gallery.
Mr Monkey looking at a panorama of Manchester by Phil Melia
Mr Monkey looking at Victoria Mill, Ancoats, by Mike Rampton
Mr Monkey looking at Urbis by Peter Aitchison
I ♥ MCR Metal City is a collection of photographs of Mancunian buildings by three photographers : Peter Aitchison, Phil Melia and Mike Rampton.

Phil Melia's single photo is a panorama looking north from Castlefield, which effectively shows that Manchester isn't as flat as it might seem to a monkey scampering along its streets.

Peter Aitchison and Mike Rampton's photographs feature individual buildings, ranging from the obviously distinctive (Urbis, the Museum of Science and Industry) to the more obscure (a tunnel under Rochdale Road, the old Wholesale Fish Market).

All the photos have been printed onto large sheets of metal rather than photographic paper, which is something Mr Monkey hasn't seen before (but does explain the title of the exhibition). The process makes the blacks and whites of some of the photos appear sharper, and gives a sort of grainy and sparkly effect to parts of the pictures, especially large patches of sky.

The photos are, of course, for sale, with conventional framed prints available for anyone with limited space.
Mr Monkey examining a non-metallic print of an Aitchison photo

I ♥ MCR Metal City runs until mid-October 2011.

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