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Mr Monkey sees Primitive Streak at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 17th October

Mr Monkey looking at the Limb Development dress Mr Monkey looking at a photo of the Heart Tube Hat Before he went to see GOOD, Mr Monkey scurried upstairs to the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see Primitive Streak.

The Primitive Streak project is a collaboration between Kate Storey (biologist) and her sister Helen (artist/former fashion designer), which depicts the first 1000 days of a human life as a series of coats, dresses and hats, each piece aristically representing a different stage in the development of a baby. This struck Mr Monkey as a strange, but interesting, thing to do.

The exhibtion in the Mezzanine includes two dresses, Limb Development and Neurulisation, a selection of development drawings, and a set of photographs of the completed pieces. Mr Monkey was fascinated by the drawings showing the development of the designs (particularly the one that someone has written "You must be joking!!" on) and admired the photographs, in which the clothes are strikingly modelled. Mr Monkey was especially taken by the Heart Tube Hat, though he doubts he'd ever want to wear a hat demonstrating the development of the tubes of the heart himself.

Mr Monkey thought that Primitive Streak is an interesting experiment in fashion, but laughed at the idea of seeing any of the dresses in shops. He was just a little surprised when he walked past Debenham's on the way home and saw other pieces from the collection in the window.

Primitive Streak runs until November 5th 2011.

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