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Mr Monkey sees LAYERED at the Royal Exchange Theatre, 12th December

Mr Monkey looking at Into the Depths of the Forest
Mr Monkey looking at some Objects of Curiosity
Mr Monkey looking at an alternatively produced photograph
Before he went to see You Can't Take It With You, Mr Monkey scurried upstairs to the Royal Exchange Mezzanine to see LAYERED.

LAYERED is a collection of work produced by people with learning disabilities in conjunction with the Hulme-based Venture Arts organisation. The pieces on display were created with a variety of techniques and include a layered paper jungle scene, photographs using multiple exposures or alternative methods of photography, ceramics, drawings made with wire and copper sheets, drawings on perspex, decorated boxes and a set of covers for a Venture Arts fanzine. Most of the artwork incorporates elements of the artist's life, so the exhibition as whole packs a considerable emotional punch.

Mr Monkey particularly liked the layered paper landscape of Into the Depths of the Forest, the intriguing interiors of the boxes of Objects of Curiosity, and one of the fanzine covers which warned people not to leave windows open in case tigers get in to "eat you with teeth".

Mr Monkey thoroughly recommends this exhibition to everyone.

LAYERED runs until January 14th 2012.

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