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Mr Monkey sees a solo exhibition by Chen Man at the CAC, 22nd March

Mr Monkey looking at Astronaut by Chen Man
Mr Monkey looking at Monkey Face by Chen Man
Mr Monkey looking at Young Pioneer at the Three Gorges Dam by Chen Man Mr Monkey scampered into the Northern Quarter to the Chinese Arts Centre to see a solo exhibition by Chen Man.

Born in Inner Mongolia in 1980, Chen Man is a leading fashion photographer who has shot covers for many magazines including Vogue, Elle, Marieclaire, Unlimited and Sport & Street. One of the most well-known female Chinese photographers of the 21st century, her work is often heavily digitally manipulated, with extra layers added around the base image, or repeated images of the same model in the same piece.

The exhibition includes examples of Chen Man's work from 2003 to 2009, starting with early works for Vision magazine which seem to be inspired by the space race.

There's a range of full face portraits of which Mr Monkey's favourite was, predictably, Monkey Face.

Monkey also enjoyed the Young Pioneer series, which all feature the same model (who isn't dressed like a Young Pioneer at all) in various places; Mr Monkey's favourite was the Busby Berkeleyesque Young Pioneer at the Three Gorges Dam.

Mr Monkey's favourite set was the Red series, reminiscent of WW2 USAAF bomber nose art, only with more red around the edges.
Mr Monkey looking at Red Crest by Chen Man After he'd scampered around a solo exhibition by Chen Man Mr Monkey went and had a look at Err, Jeremy Hutchinson's First Step exhibition.

The exhibition by Chen Man runs until April 7th 2012.

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