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Mr Monkey sees Red Tiger King at the CAC, 30th May

Mr Monkey looking at Lydia Meiying's Red Tiger King wallpaper
Whilst in the Chinese Arts Centre, Mr Monkey went to see Red Tiger King, the First Step Showcase by Lydia Meiying.

Manchester based illustrator and pattern designer Lydia Meiying has worked with the Chinese Arts Centre on several projects since graduating from Leeds College of Art in 2008. She focuses on the creation of bright, bold designs using both hand drawn and computer drawn elements.

Red Tiger King is a bright wallpaper covering one wall of the CAC staircase. The design incorporates images reminiscent of Chinese paper cutting patterns with contemporary representations of nature.

A key repeated element is (unsurprisingly given the piece's title) a regal-looking red tiger, along with his yellow friend and hordes of delicate birds, all surrounded by flowers.

Mr Monkey admired the wallpaper, and was pleased that it was bright without being gaudy, but thought he would have chosen an Orange Monkey King surrounded by bananas himself.

Red Tiger King runs until September 15th 2012.

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