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Mr Monkey sees Han Feng at the Chinese Arts Centre

Venue : Chinese Arts Centre
Start date: 13th September 2012
End date : 20th October 2012
Visit date : 28th September, 2012
Mr Monkey looking at Clothes for bird by Han Feng
Mr Monkey scampered along to the Chinese Arts Centre to see their latest exhibition, the first UK solo exhibition by Han Feng.

Mr Monkey looking at The corner of stairs by Han Feng
Mr Monkey looking at tracing paper skyscrapers by Han Feng
Han Feng is the winner of the first John Moores Painting Prize China, and is occupying the Centre's Breathe Residency until the end of October.

Mr Monkey found Han Feng's paintings most striking. They are fairly minimal, with very light brushwork, little detail and a washed-out palette. Despite this simplicity, they can provoke a certain sense of unease, especially for anyone who has used the London Underground or an underpass after dark. Mr Monkey couldn't comfortably turn his back on one of the two The corner of stairs paintings because he wasn't sure who - or what - was lurking around the corner.

Mr Monkey thought that a collection of clothing for wildlife was slightly strange, and he wondered if birds and bats really needed leather jackets. He was pleased to see that there were holes for the bird's legs to stick through.

A row of skyscrapers leant against one wall, the lower floors curved outwards, as if the buildings were melting or were drunk. Mr Monkey thought they looked solid from a distance, but closer up he realised that they were printed onto tracing paper.

Mr Monkey enjoyed this exhibition, especially the paintings. Before he left the Centre, he went to the staircase to see Re:, the latest First Step Showcase.

Han Feng's solo exhibition runs until October 20th 2012.

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