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Mr Monkey sees Re: at the CAC

Venue : Chinese Arts Centre
Start date: 22nd September 2012
End date : 23th December 2012
Visit date : 28th September, 2012
Mr Monkey looking at the Re: installation by Samantha Y Huang
Whilst in the Chinese Arts Centre, Mr Monkey went to see Re:, the First Step Showcase by Samantha Y Huang.

Mr Monkey looking at Samantha Y Huang's Re: installation from the top of the stairs
Samantha Y Huang graduated from the Chelsea College of Art earlier this year. Her work involves the reworking of objects that have strong relationships to people's creativity.

For the Re: installation, she asked Mancunians to donate old books, which she then converted into paper sculptures covering the walls of the Centre's public staircase.

Mr Monkey was a little alarmed at first to see books treated quite so apparently violently, but when he studied the shapes (and saw how dull some the books were), decided it was all rather nice.

The books are nailed to the walls rather like very large butterlies or fluttering birds, and Mr Monkey decided it was a very interesting use for old and unwanted books.

Re: runs until December 23rd 2012.

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