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 Mr Monkey's Hoplite Helmet

"This helmet isn't light, and I've got no intention of hopping"

Mr Monkey with his hoplite helmet and shield Mr Monkey in his hoplite helmet, pictured from the side

Whenever he finds himself living in Ancient Greece Mr Monkey dons his hoplite armour to defend his city against its annoying neighbours. He sports a Chalcidian helmet because he likes to hear what's going on (and his ears stick out too much for a Corinthian helmet to be comfortable). Of course when he's going in battle he makes sure he's got a lot of other monkey hoplites with him. It'd be silly to take a hoplite shield into a battle without taking the whole phalanx.

Source :
Mr Monkey's hoplite helmet is mostly made from a Kinder Surprise egg with light card additions, and a plume made from felt.
His spear is a bamboo skewer with a card and silver foil spear head and spiked butt.
His shield is fashioned from card and bits of a plastic bottle, with a fittings on the inside (the side you can't see) made from copper wire and string.

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