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Mr Monkey's Sinterklaas mitre

"Ik wil een knuffel van jou!"

Monkey in his Sinterklaas mitre on a rooftop

Mr Monkey dons this mitre whenever he's celebrating Saint Nicholas visiting the Netherlands to give gifts to good children and to take bad children back to Spain in a sack. This happens on the 5th of December each year (or the 6th in Belgium), so he doesn't get to wear this hat a lot.

There are explanations and links about Sinterklaas at the Dag, Sinterklaasje website.

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Mr Monkey's Sinterklaas mitre is made from paper, and is based on a freely downloadable design from Iceberg Bouwplaten. His crozier is a bit of dowel, a bit of pipe cleaner, and lot of gold foil chocolate wrappers.

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