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Mr Monkey's Tricorne

"I'm not too scared to mention that I'm the dandy highwayman, you know"

Mr Monkey rapping on Doctor Johnson's door Mr Monkey wearing his tricorne while lying in wait

Mr Monkey uses his tricorne to lead a double life in 18th century London. Sometimes he dons his tricorne and wig, picks up his cane and goes round to Doctor Samuel Johnson's house to complain about his definition of monkey. At other times, when his banana-money is running short, he dons his tricorne and a mask and loads a brace of flintlock pistols. Then he rides his trusty steed to Hampstead Heath where he lies in wait for any late travellers who can be persuaded to participate in the redistribution of wealth.

Source :
Mr Monkey's Tricorne is made from felt, with lace edging made from paper.
His wig is made from paper and cotton wool from cotton buds and his cane is made from a map pin and the plastic tube from a cotton bud.
His pistols have balsa stocks, biro barrels, card locks and triggers, and baking foil decorations.
Mr Monkey's mask and the bridle of his horse are made from leather salvaged from one of Miss Carol's old handbags, with connecting rings made from wire.

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