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Monkey's Viking Helmet

"We're just trying to share our culture and your treasure"

Monkey in his Viking helmet, with a warband and longship on the beach behind him Monkey in his Viking helmet, with a torchlit procession behind him

Every so often, Mr Monkey dons his Viking helmet, with its characteristic 'spectacles' face mask, picks up his axe and shield, and sails off to find someone with a large stock of goods for him to pillage.

When he's wearing his Viking helmet but not actually out pillaging, Mr Monkey practices damaging Lindesfarne Priory in this Viking Quest game from the BBC.

Mr Monkey accepts fully that the Vikings were all peaceful, home-loving farmers and that the whole sailing around burning, looting, pillaging and colonising people was just a youthful prank that got out of hand.

Mr Monkey also has a comedy Viking horned helmet that he wears on less serious pillaging occassions.

Source :
Mr Monkey's Viking helmet is made from the one end of a Kinder Surprise toy container, covered with tin foil, with silver card for the face mask and fittings.
His axe is made from silvered card on a length of thin dowelling.
The shield is balsa wood, covered in light card, with a boss made of tinfoil wrapped around half a small plastic ball that Mr Rik found in the back garden.

Background photographs for these pictures are copyright © Alex McNeill / Ydalir Vikings - used with permission.

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