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Mr Monkey was, apparently, born in China, and brought over to Britain in some form of slave ship. His memories of this period are somewhat confused, and the brand on his label has worn off. What is certain, however, is that he ended up in a box in a shop in Alnwick, surrounded by beanie pigs and cows.

His attempts to escape failed until Mr Rik and Miss Carol came into the shop; while Carol was stocking up on Sloggi's finest, it was obvious that Rik was stalking the front of the shop in search of a birthday gift for her. Recognising this, Mr Monkey used his beanie monkey powers to influence him. This is why Carol didn't get bath foam or an intricate candle for her birthday.

Mr Monkey's manumission was paid to the shopkeeper, and he was smuggled out without Carol noticing. After a couple of days shrouded in paper from an off licence (a period in which he wondered whether he had made an awful mistake), Mr Monkey was unwrapped and was able to take his rightful place as Most Important Monkey in the house.

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