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In his spare time, Mr Monkey searches the net for interesting websites. Strangely, he seems to limit his interests to sites dealing with monkeys, orange, or bananas.

For all your online German hedgehog needs, Mr Monkey directs you to Willi Igel's website (address updated 25/01/12).

Helen Crawford of the United States suggested Mr Monkey look at this video of inquisitive chimps discovering a not-totally concealed camera.

Dave the Monkey is on Facebook and likes travel and bananas. That's because he is a monkey and therefore amongst the more intelligent creatures on the planet.

Mr Monkey suggests a visit to Mooch goes to the Pub, to see the adventures of a large band of simian beanies. Mooch is fearless in his investigation of the pubs of South East England, and has even taken a faux Mr Monkey out for a drink.

Mr Monkey thinks that all monkeys, and trustworthy humans, should heed the wise words of Comandante Monkey at his blog.

Mr Monkey recently heard from Bongo, a monkey with an important job as a technical consultant to an Artificial Lift Team, whatever one of those is. His pictures load a bit slowly, but they're worth waiting for.

The World Heritage Cities of Spain has details of an interesting building, the House of the Monkey, that looks perfect for Mr Monkey should he visit Cáceres.

Mr Monkey didn't find the Furry Monkey and the Bed Banana site; it found him. It's the site of a new friend, who has Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and there's lots of information about cancer. Mr Monkey would like to draw your attention to the animations.

Washington Banana Museum, which is a museum of banana related items, in Auburn, Washington.

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