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Mr Monkey's Marvellous Miscellany

This page is for pictures and events that don't fit anywhere else on the site. This includes spotting steam trains, craft projects and the like.

 Inspecting a Power Station
Mr Monkey takes a guided tour around a smallish power station.
 Being disappointed by the North Wales Coast Express
Mr Monkey gets up early to see an steam train at speed, but is disappointed.
 Seeing public art at Sainsbury's
Mr Monkey notices a hole in the ground outside a supermarket, and then sees a sculpture put up.
 Spotting an Olympic Torch
The 2012 Olympic torch is carried past Mr Monkey's street, so he gets up early to see it.
 Visiting the 15th Chadkirk Festival and Welldressing
Mr Monkey trots down to Chadkirk to see what happens at a welldressing.
 Watching the Cheshireman
Mr Monkey watches another steam train rush through his local station.
 Watching the Buxton Spa Express
Mr Monkey watches a steam train rush through his local station.
 Making a Rabbit Mask
Mr Monkey celebrates the Year of the Rabbit by making a rabbity disguise.
 Spotting the Scarborough Flyer at Stockport
Mr Monkey lies in wait around Stockport station to watch a steam train on its way from Crewe to Scarborough.
 Welcoming 60019 Bittern to Manchester
Mr Monkey watches the arrival of the first steam train from Euston to Manchester in years.
 Hunting a Snowman
Mr Monkey tracks down a rogue snowman in hope of a big prize.
 Being Acknowledged by an Author
Mr Monkey finds his own name on the acknowledgements page of a new book.
 Making a Pop-up
Mr Monkey constructs a pop-up card inspired by a visit to the Lowry.
 Contemplating a Zen Garden
Mr Monkey considers a garden made almost entirely of sand.
 Excavating a Terracotta Warrior
Mr Monkey uses his archaeological skills to unearth a Chinese warrior.
 Building an Empire State Building
Mr Monkey makes a small version of the famous New York skyscraper.
 Expanding a Rabbit
Mr Monkey knows exactly what to do with a Grow An Easter Bunny kit.
 Watching a Lunar Eclipse
Mr Monkey notices that the earth is between the sun and the moon.
 Growing a Christmas Tree
Mr Monkey grows a crystal Christmas tree.
 Charity wrapping
Mr Monkey wraps passing Christmas books for charity.
 Carving a pumpkin
Mr Monkey demonstrates the art of turning a humble vegetable into a terrifying jack o'lantern.
 Front cover monkey
Some time after spending a Bank Holiday in Buxton, Mr Monkey found himself on the front cover of a Buxton listings brochure.

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