Mr Monkey's Bicycle

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One morning in June, Mr Monkey received another package from Fred in Hoofddorp. This one contained a bicycle! Mr Monkey had problems at first, as the bike had racing handlebars, and he had to lean too far forwards to hold the bars, and kept falling off. With Gerja's permission, Mr Rik twisted the handlebars to give a proper Dutch appearance, and made certain other modifications for Mr Monkey's cycling enjoyment.

On fine days, and when he's not in a hurry, Mr Monkey cycles about his business, ringing his bell furiously at anyone who fails to jump out of the way quickly enough.

Follow the links on the images below for larger pictures of Mr Monkey cycling.

A bike riding Monkey Mr Monkey cycles past garden pots Mr Monkey stands by his bike Mr Monkey rides his bike Mr Monkey's bike before modifications

Construction notes:
Repainting : spokes, wheel rim, and various mechanical bits were painted silver; seat was painted black.
Chain : a short length of necklace.
Pedals : silvered card and black foam board.
Bell : end of a pen, covered with tinfoil, with a little silvered card.
Lamp : balsa covered with tinfoil, with a lens cut from a transparent push-pin.
Tyres : black Fablon sticky-back plastic added to the existing plastic tubing was used to produce the whitewall tyres Mr Monkey treasures.

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