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The history of the Frazer-Nash marque, and pictures of real Frazer Nash cars can be found at the Pre-War Frazer Nash Cars site.

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Monkey in his car on a sunny day Monkey checking his map Close up of Mr Monkey's car radiator Monkey searching for the gear stick Monkey driving pass the Great Crouching Troll Mr Monkey driving in scarf and woolly hat Mr Monkey driving away in scarf and woolly hat Mr Monkey taking Mr Cat for a drive Tommy the Duck inspecting the car Mr Monkey taking Tommy the Duck for a drive Mr Monkey driving through the night

Mr Monkey screensaver : download a screensaver in which Mr Monkey drives around a bit. It's a bit limited, and Mr Monkey is very annoyed that the icon colours didn't include orange, but it's mildly diverting. Comes as a 237kb self-installing executable - download then run the file, and the screensaver (mmcar.scr) will be installed.

Construction notes:
General : The Frazer-Nash is built according to some plans copied from a modelling book years ago, sadly without the benefit of actual pictures of the vehicle. It is built to the universally known measurement of the Monkey's Arse (or Monkey's Butt in the USA), which, at 65mm to the MA, gives a rather bizarre scale of roughly 1/8.6 (5/43).
A major weakness of the model is that the tyres are twice as wide as they should be, which rather changes the front view of the vehicle, and made angling the front wheels correctly impossible.
Body : thick card, covered with thin blue or silver card.
Chassis : thin wooden beading, and dowelling for the axles.
Wheels : flexible plastic tyres intended for radio control vehicles, with silver cardboard spokes fixed in position by the lid from a tube of Pringles, held on with drinking straws and drawing pins.
Exhaust : pipe cleaners and dowel wrapped in silver foil.
Windshields : clear plastic, light card and silver card
Headlamps : light card and silver paper, with lenses from the tops of old specimen bottles.
Other details : made from a variety of cards, dowels and cocktail sticks.

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