Mr Monkey in Amsterdam

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Mr Monkey's welcome to the third graders of Livonia Primary School, New York State

Mr Monkey recently spent a weekend in March 2001 visiting a friend in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, adverse weather conditions (it rained quite a bit) meant he spent a lot of time indoors or safely in a bag, but he was let out occasionally...

Follow the links on the images below for larger pictures of Mr Monkey's Dutch trip

Waiting at for a plane at Manchester Watching the wing of a Fokker E100 Looking out at Hoofddorp In the hold of a medieval ship Mr Monkey meets an ape Mr Monkey meets a cat Trying to look through the window on the way home Waiting for a taxi at Manchester

After his visit to Amsterdam, Mr Monkey received a pair of mysterious packages in the post.

Mr Monkey's first package Mr Monkey's second package

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