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Mr Monkey follows the Glow trail

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr De Mille"

Mr Monkey in the glare of film production lights on Gussin's 'Illumination Rig' Mr Monkey lit up by Graham Gussin's 'Illumination Rig'

At the end of George Stairs there's an elevated walkway that just stops nowhere in particular because the builders or planners got bored building or planning it. Graham Gussin set up an installation called Illumination Rig, using a vanful of film production lights to brighten the walkway up and to dazzle Mr Monkey and his humans when they went up on it. And Mr Monkey realised he'd finished the Glow trail just in time for his humans to go and eat. He'd only found 11 of the 12 Vampire Rabbits, though.

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