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Mr Monkey in Newcastle, 2nd December

"It looks aggressive even in daylight"

Mr Monkey looking at Bessie Surtees House Mr Monkey looking at the Vampire Rabbit by day

On Sandhill, Mr Monkey had a quick look at Bessie Surtees' house, which is actually two Jacobean houses stuck together. They've been used for all sorts of things over the years, including coffee houses, sailor's lodgings, a malthouse and consular offices, but they're most famous for Bessie Surtees' climbing out of one of the windows to elope with John Scott because her father disapproved of their romance. On the way up to the main station, Mr Monkey went to Cathedral Close again, to see if the rabbit was as scary by day as it had been at night.

You can read about Bessie Surtees' House at the Historic England website.

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