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Mr Monkey in London, 5th January

"Well, that was interesting in a way"

Mr Monkey looking down on Carsten Höller's Test Site Mr Monkey at Carsten Höller's Test Site from the ground floor

Inside the Tate Modern, Mr Monkey found that the Turbine Hall was a little bit full of strange tubes winding down from the upper levels to the floor of the hall. They are called Test Site and were left there by Carsten Höller, who would like to put them up everywhere. After looking at the tubes for a bit, and queueing for a bit more, Mr Monkey slid down one of the shorter tubes with Mr Rik. There were rules about how to slide, so Mr Monkey couldn't have his picture taken inside the tube. Mr Monkey decided that the tubes weren't really for small creatures or anyone who likes to look at the view as they travel.

You can read about the Test Site at the Tate Modern website.

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