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Mr Monkey sees Arrivals and Departures at Urbis

Mr Monkey's second invitation for the evening was for the launch of Arrivals and Departures: New Art Perspectives of Hong Kong at Urbis, so it seemed only right for him to scurry down to see what was what.

Follow the links on the images below for more about Mr Monkey's scamper around the latest Urbis exhibition.

Arriving Ground floor Upstairs Shanghai Bank and Floating Land Lee Tung Street For/On Sale and Bok Gwai Anthony Key - Battle of Britain Lueng Mee-ping - Made In Shenzhen Pak Shueng-chuen - zebra crossings Gordon Cheung and Yuen Fong Ling Stella So - Lonely Moon Tram Buying a bit of Lee Tung Street Back home

Minutes before he visited Urbis, Mr Monkey had been to see Collective Identity at the Chinese Arts Centre.

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