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Mr Monkey rides the Spirit of Washington

"It must be there, otherwise we wouldn't be up here"

Mr Monkey looking at Mercer Island from the train Mr Monkey looking down from the Wilburton Trestle

The Spirit of Washington took Mr Monkey along the shore of Lake Washington. For a short while he was on the Wilburton Trestle, which is 975 feet long and 102 feet high and was built in 1891. It's the longest wooden trestle in the Northwest, though Mr Monkey isn't sure if that takes account of the ugly concrete bit in the middle put in when they built a road beneath the trestle. Mr Monkey was interested to discover that when he was on the trestle, he couldn't see it at all.

You can see an aerial picture of the trestle at the Terramaps website and see a picture of the train crossing the trestle at the Railroad Blogs website.

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