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Mr Monkey at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, 31st January

"I was rather hoping for a glass floor"

Mr Monkey looking up at the ceiling of the Seaform Pavilion Mr Monkey looking at a the Crystal Towers

Mr Monkey scampered out onto the Bridge of Glass. He was a little disappointed to find that, for a glass bridge, an awful lot of it was made of concrete. All the bits his humans walked on, for a start. Mr Monkey was impressed by the 2,364* pieces from Dale Chihuly's Seaform and Persians series up in the ceiling of the 50 foot long Seaform Pavilion. Beyond the pavilion, he inspected the chunks of polyvitro in the Crystal Towers that mark the central section of the bridge. There's 63 crystals on each tower.

You can read about the Bridge of Glass at the Dale Chihuly website.

* Mr Monkey didn't actually count every piece to check this is true, obviously.

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