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Mr Monkey visits the Seattle Underground, 2nd February

"He was a disreputable chap, that Doc Maynard"

Mr Monkey in line outside Doc Maynard's Mr Monkey in Doc Maynard's public house

Many LCC attendees were eager to tour the Seattle Underground, and Mr Monkey found himself in a queue outside Doc Maynard's bar. This is named after David S. Maynard, Seattle's "first bona-fide drunk"*, who, amongst other things insisted that the town be called Seattle. When he got in it was a bit dark, but everyone was very cheerful (possibly because they'd been given a token for a free drink each).

You can read about the tour at the Seattle Underground Tour website and about the bar at Doc Maynard's website.

* Sons of the Profits, William C. Speidel, p25.

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