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Mr Monkey visits HMS Belfast, 16th March

"These are the bits that make the whole thing move"

Mr Monkey in the forward engine room Mr Monkey examining the Engine Officer of the Watch control platform

Mr Monkey climbed up some ladders to get out of the boiler room, then down some more ladders into the Forward Engine Room. There are two engines here, each with high and low pressure rotors, a cruising rotor and a fourth rotor for reversing. With all the engines aboard on full power, HMS Belfast could get up to 36 mph, which is pretty fast for something displacing 11,552 tons. Mr Monkey scurried around trying to work out which bit did what, and decided that he'd be the Engineer Officer of the Watch and stand at the EOOW control platform, to control the forward engines, and talk to the bridge, the After Engine Room, and both boiler rooms.

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