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Mr Monkey walks the Peak Forest Canal from Romiley to Marple, 19th April

"I suppose you just have to be careful which side of the boat you get out"

Mr Monkey looking at Marple viaduct from the aqueduct Mr Monkey looking at the viaduct crossing the canal

Mr Monkey scampered 309 feet across the aqueduct. On the way he took another look at the viaduct and at Watersmeeting Farm beyond it, and worried slightly that there wasn't a wall to stop people falling off the opposite side of the aqueduct. He suspected that there had been one when the aqueduct was first built, but that it hadn't been put back during the restoration of the aqueduct after one side of it collapsed in 1962. The industrial buildings are in Aqueduct Business Park, which used to be the site of the Queens Hotel. In the 19th century passengers used to have a drink there while the boat horses were being changed.

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