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Mr Monkey in Brussels, 26th May

"They really do dress him up!"

Mr Monkey looking at the Tintin mural on the Rue de l'Etuve Mr Monkey looking at the Mannekin Pis dressed as a hockey player

Mr Monkey left the Grand Place and scampered along the Rue de l'Étuve. Partway along he stopped to admire a mural showing TinTin, Snowy and Captain Haddock escaping from hostile security police in The Calculus Affair. When he came to the Mannekin Pis he was surprised to find that the incontinent little chap was dressed as a hockey player. Mr Monkey had seen the Mannekin's costumes in the Maison de Roi, but he'd never really believed they were actually used.

You can read about TinTin at the TinTin website.

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