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Mr Monkey sees Haçienda 25 FAC 491 at Urbis, 18 July

"They weren't at all obsessive about numbering things, not at all"

Mr Monkey looking towards Urbis from the Millennium gardens Mr Monkey looking at a Haçienda exhibition banner outside Urbis

When the doors opened, Mr Monkey scampered towards Urbis. Before going in, he had a look at the banner advertising the exhibition. He was pleased to see that Haçienda 25 had been given its own FAC number, 491, which means it's as important as all the other things with FAC numbers, such as the first ever Factory poster (FAC 1), Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures LP (FACT 10), the Haçienda (FAC 51), part of the waterwheel at Styal Mill (FAC 148), the Haçienda cat (FAC 191) and a bet between Anthony H. Wilson and Rob Gretton (FAC 253).

You can read a pretty complete list of FAC numbers at the Factory Discography website.

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