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Mr Monkey sees Haçienda 25 FAC 491 at Urbis, 18 July

"It's all quite complicated, you know"

Mr Monkey looking a mind map of Mancunian connections centred on the Haçienda Mr Monkey looking at photos of Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton

After going through the Haçienda's front doors, Mr Monkey examined a large mind map showing the connections within and between different aspects of Mancunian creative endeavour, and how central the Haçienda was to them. Mr Monkey was a little surprised to find that his humans had met a couple of the people listed, without any help from FAC 51 at all. Then he gazed upon pictures of Tony Wilson (or Anthony Wilson, or Anthony H. Wilson) and Rob Gretton, co-founders of the Haçienda club.

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