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Mr Monkey visits Staircase House and the Stockport Story, 10th August

"It's a shame you can't go up the staircase"

Mr Monkey looking at the front door Mr Monkey looking at the reconstructed staircase

Mr Monkey turned back and examined the front door. When he went back through it he spotted the staircase which gives the Staircase House its name. This was built as a cage newel staircase in 1618 when the Shallcross family were extending the house at the back. The newel posts should go right up to the roof, but were cut through at some point. The staircase was severely damaged when the house caught fire in 1995; the black bits of the staircase are bits that have survived from the 17th century, while the paler wood is the modern reconstruction. Mr Monkey admired the intricate strapwork carving on the panels, but was annoyed that he couldn't scamper up and down the staircase.

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