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Mr Monkey at Fort Napoleon, 15th September

"It'd be more interesting if they could remove some of the bushes"

Mr Monkey looking towards the sea from the fort Mr Monkey looking along the coast from the fort

Mr Monkey scampered around the roof and would have looked out to sea if there hadn't been a lot of sand dunes in the way. Erfgoed Vlaanderen, who run the fort, are hoping to be allowed to clear the dunes in roughly the same way as Napoleon did, which would make the sea much more visible from the fort. Looking at the top of the wall, Mr Monkey spotted the chimney shaft of one of the first floor fireplaces. Peering over the parapet, he could just see the top of the outer wall.

You can read about the activites of Erfgoed Vlaanderen, in Dutch, at the Erfgoed Vlaanderen website.

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