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Mr Monkey in Bruges, 16th September

"They're really worth seeing in real life"

Mr Monkey with a postcard of the end of the St Ursula shrine Mr Monkey with a postcard of the side of the St Ursula shrine

Mr Monkey went into Sint-Janshospitaal. He found that it was a large church, with a very interesting exhibition about the history of the hospital, and a collection of Flemish religious art. Mr Monkey was most impressed by the small collection of religious paintings by Hans Hemling. Unfortunately he wasn't allowed to take pictures, so he bought some postcards and stood in front of them later. His favourite piece was the shrine of St Ursula, an ornate reliquary in the shape of a chapel with the story of St Ursula told in painted panels on the sides and ends.

You can read about the museum at the Brugge World Heritage City website and about Hans Memling at the Web Gallery of Art website.

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