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Mr Monkey visits Seafront Zeebrugge, 17th September

"Well, it wasn't me changed the signals to green without opening the lock gates, was it?"

Mr Monkey looking at a computer simulation of the entrance lock to the canal Mr Monkey looking at a photo of a freighter unloading bananas

Mr Monkey had a go on a computer simulation of the lock into the Badouin canal. Benefiting from watching his humans, he successfully got three ships through the lock, opening and closing the gates, raising and lowering the water level and changing the signals, without making a single error. Then he carried on to a section with pictures and display panels showing the various companies operating in the port today. Mr Monkey was particularly interested to find that someone was using special spiral conveyors to unload bananas from their ships.

You can read about the port at the Port of Zeebrugge website.

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