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Mr Monkey aboard the U-480 Foxtrot, 17th September

"It looks a little dented"

Mr Monkey walking towards the Foxtrot and the lightship Mr Monkey looking at the bow of the U-480

Mr Monkey trotted along the quay, intent on finding the entrance to the U-480 submarine. Its tactical number when it was built at Sudomekh, Leningrad, in 1960 was B-143 but this was never put on the boat itself, and she was given the number U-480 as a tactical deception. NATO codenamed the type 641 as Foxtrot, probably because NATO liked giving names to Soviet things with numbers. Whatever the submarine was called, Mr Monkey thought it looked like someone had hit its tower repeatedly with a mallet.

You can read about the type 641 submarine at the Federation of American Scientists website.

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